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Los Angeles, California

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I'm an actor, production sound mixer, boom operator located in Los Angeles, CA.

Experienced in features, documentaries, interviews, shorts and run'n'gun type productions.

More than happy to catch a foley on set, don't mind to get dirty and oriented to bring your vision to life.

p.s. I always carry protein cookies

Production Sound Mixer Reel
Added on 11/19/2022
A selected few projects I worked on as a sound mixer. Post production sound was handled by clients.

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Sound Mixer – New Jack Fury

September, 2022 — September, 2022
Feature – New Royalty Films

Sound Mixer – Death And Ramen

August, 2022 — August, 2022
Short Film – Snow Story Productions

Additional Sound Mixer – The Inhabitant

April, 2022 — April, 2022
Feature – Sweet Spot Media

Additional Sound Mixer – As Good As Dead

February, 2022 — February, 2022
Feature – Odyssey Motion Pictures

Sound Mixer – Suicide Children

October, 2021 — October, 2021
Short Film – New Royalty Films

Sound Mixer – American Girl

September, 2021 — September, 2021
Music Video – Huffman Creative

Sound Mixer – Choreo Cage Fight

September, 2021 — September, 2021
Online – Huffman Creative

Sound Mixer – MSI Laptops

August, 2021 — September, 2021
Commercial – MSI

Sound Mixer – Markswomen

August, 2021 — August, 2021
Short Film – Post Buffalo LLC

Sound Mixer – Dose Of Roses

May, 2021 — May, 2021
Commercial – Dose Of Roses

Sound Mixer – Youthquake

March, 2021 — March, 2021
Feature – Positive Motion Pictures

Sound Mixer – City Of Love

October, 2020 — October, 2020
Feature – Rotten Apple Entertainment

Sound Mixer – Are You Still There?

September, 2020 — September, 2020
Short Film – Junk Drawer

Sound Mixer – Pandemic Setup

April, 2020 — April, 2020
Short Film – Lee Silva

Sound Mixer – Rideshare

April, 2020 — April, 2020
Short Film – Luke Warrington

Sound Mixer – The Inevitable Guide to Average Adulting

March, 2020 — March, 2020
Television – Ernesto Diaz

Sound Mixer – Social Path (1 episode)

February, 2020 — February, 2020
Television – Dominic Giannetti

Sound Mixer – Finding Ophelia

January, 2020 — January, 2020
Feature – ShadowRunner Industries

Sound Mixer – Antoni-A

December, 2019 — December, 2019
Short Film – Miguel Miller

Sound Mixer – The Genius of Gianni Versace

November, 2019 — November, 2019
Other – Scott Cardinal

Sound Mixer – Sick Minded

October, 2019 — November, 2019
Feature – LeVar Leo

Boom Operator – 5 Till

October, 2019 — October, 2019
Short Film – Andrew Kiaroscuro

Sound Mixer – Markus Black

October, 2019 — October, 2019
Short Film – Christopher M. Duarte

Sound Mixer – The Welder

August, 2019 — September, 2019
Feature – David Liz

Sound Mixer – The Certix House

July, 2019 — August, 2019
Short Film – LeVar Leo

Boom Operator – Barely Noticeable

October, 2018 — October, 2018
Short Film – Chris Kennedy

Actor – Stripped

Television – Marc Clebanoff

Actor – Collapsing into Zimbabwe

Short Film – Ernesto Diaz

Script Supervisor – Storm Cell

Feature – Horatio Tihanyi

Actor – When She Flies

Short Film – Daniel M. Rodriguez

Actor – Boca Witches

Television – Dominic Giannetti

Actor – Storm Cell

Feature – Horatio Tihanyi

Actor – Alisa

Short Film – Woodly Bernadel

Actor – Beware of Zombies

Short Film – LeVar Leo


I've worked with Nick since 2021 on dozens of productions, including short films, feature films, and commercials. He is an incredible Audio Mixer / Boom Operator and a wonderful actor. Nick is always a team player and goes above and beyond on set. He always gets along with other crew members and never complains. His positive attitude is infectious. I love working with Nick and will continue to do so!

Mariah Morgenstern
Executive Producer, Producer, Director, New Royalty Films

Nick is such a talented guy. He worked as a sound mixer on my feature film The Welder, and I couldn't be happier with his work. He was always ready when it came time to film, and his audio was always clear and recorded perfectly. When we entered into post production, I got a lot of accolades from the sound engineer for having such amazingly recorded dialog. Besides his talent for sound, he is such a great guy to have on set. He is professional, gets along with everyone, and makes the set a happier place to be overall. I have worked with a lot of sound mixers in the past and Nick is by far the best. I will definitely be using Nick again on my next film. I highly recommend him. Also, he is a very talented actor as well. He is a man of many talents.

I had Nick as my sound mixer for a week, he's very professional and fun to work with. Highly recommend him on any set.

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