Mackenzie Jamieson

Portland, Oregon

About Me

After 14 years living in Los Angeles as an actor, I decided to relocate to the Pacific North West to get back to why I wanted to act: to tell stories. I also feel that acting lets you live many lives in one lifetime through the exploration of character development. Indie film and the new platforms for producing content allow for more storytelling and less being "that space between TV adds" as one casting director called the shows they cast. I love telling stories so much that my wife and I are big nerds and play tabletop role playing games as well as LARP (live action role playing). I hope there is a story you have that I can help you tell. I currently produce a YouTube channel called "Thrift Store LARPer" that shows people how to take thrift store finds and turn them into props and costumes for LARP. You can also find me as a narrator on ACX.

I have been in the industry since 2005.

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