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Darcy Muenchrath is a seasoned Director of Photography and Camera Operator based in Vancouver, Canada, boasting over 12 years of diverse experience. His portfolio spans documentary and wildlife programming, corporate videos, EPKs, live events/music, and short-form narrative projects.

Recent Highlights:

• Histories Most Haunted (Small Army Productions & Blue Ant Media)
• Animal Nation (2Ducks Productions Inc.)
• Lands Enchanted (Rezolution Pictures)
• Deepwater Salvage (Renowned Films)
• American Greed (CNBC)

Darcy has also worked on shows that have aired on APTN, CBC, ABC Australia, Kurtis Productions, Content Citizen, and Tokyo Broadcasting Systems, to name a few.

Equipped with the Sony FX9 and FX3, Darcy's proficiency extends to cameras like the Red Dragon 8K, Arri Alexa Mini and Amira, Canon C500MK II, and 300 Mark III. He also holds advanced drone licenses in Canada and the US, ensuring versatility across various shooting scenarios.

A foundation in graphic design, art direction, and set dressing early in his career enriched Darcy's framing, composition, and scene capture skills—attributes evident in his compelling visuals. His adeptness in lighting, camera movement, and narrative creation—in natural landscapes or controlled studio environments—imbues every project with mood and atmosphere.

From solo endeavours to large-scale productions, Darcy excels in orchestrating shoots under diverse conditions, from interview setups in the studio to mountainous terrains or turbulent seas. His managerial prowess shines through in team coordination and direction, making him a versatile asset adaptable to any project scope or location.

I have been in the industry since 2012.

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EPK Camera Operator – Shania Twain Interview and Concert
November, 2023 — November, 2023
Television – Inspired Image Picture Company | Country Music Television
Camera and Drone Operator – Animal Nation
October, 2023 — December, 2023
Television – 2Ducks Media | APTN
DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY / CAMERA & DRONE OPERATOR – Spirit of Birth – Documentary Series
June, 2023 — November, 2023
Television – Rezolution Pictures
EPK Camera Operator – Dear Jassi: Mercy
April, 2023 — April, 2023
Feature – d2r Films
November, 2022 — February, 2023
Television – Small Army Productions / Blue Ant Media
Director of Photography / Camera & Drone Operator – DOCUMENTARY SERIES / S1 - EP 12
September, 2022 — September, 2022
Television – Rezolution Pictures / APTN
Director of Photography – ABC Australia Four Corners - Psyched Up
July, 2022 — July, 2022
Television – ABC Australia
Hired through ProductionHUB
Director of Photography / Camera & Drone Operator – The Haunted Gold Rush - 2 EP Documentary Series
June, 2022 — July, 2022
Television – DeVries Productions
Director of Photograhy – Chubby Cree - Documentary
June, 2022 — June, 2022
Feature – Soapbox Productions
Director of Photography / Camera & Drone Operator – DOCUMENTARY SERIES / S1 - EP 10
June, 2022 — June, 2022
Television – Rezolution Pictures / APTN
Director of Photography – Invest in Canada Corporate Documentary
March, 2022 — March, 2022
Corporate – Alpha Grid - Financial Times
Director of Photography – Silken Laumann Interview
February, 2022 — February, 2022
Television – Canada Files
Hired through ProductionHUB
Director of Photography / Camera & Drone Operator – Deep Water Salvage Documentary Series
December, 2021 — February, 2022
Television – Renowned Films
Hired through ProductionHUB
EPK Camera Operator – Broken Angel
November, 2021 — November, 2021
Feature – VisJuelles Productions
Director of Photography / Camera Operator – Atti's Attic - Short Film
October, 2021 — November, 2021
Short Film – Zhang Productions
Director of Photography / Camera and Drone Operator – DOCUMENTARY SERIES / S1 - EP 4, 5 & 6
August, 2021 — November, 2021
Television – Rezolution Pictures / APTN
Director of Photography – Wildbrain Studios - Interviews and B-roll
August, 2021 — August, 2021
Corporate – Content Citizen
Hired through ProductionHUB
Director of Photography / Camera & Drone Operator – Destination BC UK Campaign
August, 2021 — August, 2021
Commercial – Nemorin Film & Video
Hired through ProductionHUB
Director of Photography / Camera Operator – The P-Factor Gina in Motion | Short Documentary
July, 2021 — July, 2021
Other – Mediflix
Director of Photography – Ten Count - Documentary
January, 2021 — January, 2021
Other – Playhouse Pictures
Hired through ProductionHUB
Director of Photography / Camera Operator – The Local Farm
December, 2020 — December, 2020
Corporate – 3Jaze Entertainment
Hired through ProductionHUB
Director of Photography / Camera Operator – One Life – Documentary Series Pilot
September, 2020 — September, 2020
Short Film – Said Khallaf - Director
Director of Photography / Camera Operator – Jordin Too Too - Interview
September, 2020 — September, 2020
Other – Kids Help Phone
Director of Photography / Editor – Danielle Allan Testimonial Video
September, 2020 — September, 2020
Corporate – Kiva
Hired through ProductionHUB
Director / DOP / Camera Operator / Editor – Blue Green Planet Project
August, 2020 — August, 2020
Corporate – Summit Reforestation
Director of Photography / Camera Operator / Drone Pilot – ATCO Modular Building Documentation
January, 2020 — August, 2020
Corporate – 5 Foot 5 Creative
Director of Photography / Camera Operator – KeYaMenTa - Short Documentary
November, 2019 — November, 2019
Short Film – CBC Docs
Director / DOP / Editor – Driven by Nature
September, 2018 — November, 2018
Short Film – Short Documentary
Director / DOP / Editor – Uganda Eye Surgery Mission
November, 2017 — December, 2017
Corporate – University of Toronto – Ophthalmology
Director of Photography – Not the Same
July, 2017 — August, 2017
Feature – Panic Moon Productions
Shooting Director – The Living Ken Doll
December, 2016 — December, 2016
Online – Barcroft Media
Director / Camera Operator / Editor – Water Treatment in South East Asia
January, 2016 — March, 2016
Corporate – Aqueous Solutions
Director / Camera Operator / Editor – Samlor – A Disappearing Icon
December, 2015 — April, 2016
Other – Short Documentary
Art Director – Smashed – PSA
October, 2013 — November, 2013
Other – MADD Canada
Art Director – Rishi's World
February, 2013 — February, 2013
Short Film – Canadian Film Centre


Darcy is an incredibly talented and resourceful Director of Photography. Not only did he play a large role in elevating the look/feel of our latest documentary series, but he also thinks outside the box (which resulted in a big budget look on a documentary budget ;)) His incredible work ethic & attitude make him an absolute pleasure to work with, and he is someone I wholeheartedly trust.

Stephen Sawchuk
Executive Producer, Small Army Entertainment Inc.

Darcy is an absolute rock star. Rarely have I had the good fortune to work with someone who has the combination of a gift for cinematic visuals, incredible work ethic and an awesome attitude. He's shot specials, series and sizzles for us and hit it out of the park every time. Thanks Darcy!

Sean De Vries
Executive Producer, Small Army Entertainment

I needed to send out a crew to capture some footage, interviews, and drone footage for a shoot I, unfortunately, could not attend. Darcy immediately put me at ease with his knowledge and more importantly, being in constant communication at every step of the process. The footage I received was great, would recommend Darcy for any project.

Jason Schock
Image Base

Worked with Darcy on a shoot at Hastings Racecourse. Awesome experience. Darcy went above and beyond to get us everything we needed. Super responsive communication, quality cinematography, and a great guy to work with. We will be working together again.

Jon Strocel
COO, Parlay One Media

Darcy was an awesome addition to our series. He developed a rapport with our contributors, captured great content, and was thorough and efficient with supporting documents, stills and rushes for the producers.

Tamsin Gosney
Line Producer, Saloon Media Inc.

Darcy was great to work with and very professional. The production encountered a few issues with our interview location, but Darcy and his team expertly dealt with all the curveballs and produced some fantastic-looking visuals.

Matthew Shimmel
Associate Producer, Kurtis Productions

Highly recommend Darcy!! Very professional and talented.

Matt Ippolito
Executive Producer, SecondNature

We had a tricky brief for Darcy, filming on his own in nature for three days. With different to areas travel to and having to factor interview with some locals, drone shots, and wildlife filming.
He executed to perfection the brief, was incredibly communicative, and delivered way more we expected. Extra shots and really crafted visual narrative that made the edit a dream. I would highly recommend Darcy, I wish I could work with him again very soon as this was an absolute dream of a collaboration.

Head of Production, Nemorin

Darcy has excellent communication on top of his precision filming. I definitely plan on working with him again in the future and would recommend his expertise to anyone looking for a videographer near the Vancouver area!

Field Producer, Insight Productions

We hired Darcy and his crew for a documentary shoot in and around Vancouver. Darcy was a pleasure to work with and super flexible with our schedule that kept shifting. He was a great collaborator and had great gear/crew recommendations. I would highly recommend hiring Darcy for your next project!

Roman Palylyk
Line Producer, Mediflix, Inc.

Darcy was just amazing. He went above and beyond what was needed. We remote produced from the UK and Darcy made the whole process very easy. We trusted him a lot with two big clients and they were very happy to have him at their offices. All of the shots were beautiful. Definitely will be using Darcy again when we have a shoot in Canada!

Lois Vernon
Production Manager, Alpha Grid

I would highly recommend Darcy! Darcy was very professional, thorough, attentive to detail. He was a huge help with our project --- not only did he film a beautiful interview, he went above and beyond to help coordinate additional items needed for a successful remote interview. Working with Darcy gave me so much peace of mind since we were not able to physically be on set-- if you work with him, you won't be disappointed!

Laura Howd
Producer, Freethink Media

Darcy was fantastic to work with - professional, efficient and talented. Will be working with him on many more projects.

Adriel Thomas
CEO, Redeeming Features

I have had the pleasure of working with Darcy Muenchrath on several productions over the years, and most recently, we worked on my award-winning documentary KaYaMenTa: Sharing Truths about Menopause, which was released on CBC GEM in the summer of 2020.

I am always impressed with Darcy's work ethic and professionalism. He is a highly qualified documentary DOP, who is attentive to detail. Darcy is very collaborative and always open to feedback. He is a highly skilled cinematographer with a great understanding of framing and lighting subjects for interviews. Overall, he is a talented artist, filmmaker and DOP, and he is someone who I would recommend to fellow colleagues in the industry.

Jules Koostachin
Producer/Writer/Director, VisJuelles Productions

Darcy was an amazing DP who went above and beyond to make sure we got the footage we needed. His temperament and focus made him an absolute joy to work with. There's nothing better than being on set and knowing your in good hands. Darcy was a class act through and through, couldn't recommend him enough.

Michael McBride
Producer, 3jaze Digital

Darcy worked with me on 2 separate projects. He did a video of a medical trip in Uganda which was truly excellent. He then completed an educational video for my office. This video has greatly benefitted my practice and my patients. Without hesitation I recommend Darcy for any filming or production.

Matthew Bujak
Owner, Md

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