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Kernersville, North Carolina


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Your Premier Animal wranglers and Animal Talent Agency...
we go all the way back to Ground hog day, yes i did that Groundhog!!
1000 of commercials, most recent Publix ( dog chasing grocery cart) Basf (rat),
6 episodes Homicide Hunter, Bissel (dogs) , Dollar General (turtles), Miscellaneous Lawyer commercials ( long horned steer) (wolves)
Ask anyone ... we are the best most talented, most experienced wranglers in North Carolina and surrounding states, we have worked with, tigers, lions, polar bears, monkeys, spiders, rats, cats, dogs, deer, snakes, venomous and non venomous, alligators, birds of prey and all types of exotic parrots. We do it all large and small.

We have been in the industry since 1997.

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