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Newton, Massachusetts

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I am a hair designer, color artist and a designer of images. I strive for perfection in all that I do. I have a unique eye for color. I use this quality to bring out the natural beauty that a person has inside. By using color, I bring out the person's natural skin tones, as well as enhancing on their natural and physical beauty. I view each client as my own individual canvas and turn them into a masterpiece. When it comes to building a clients image, there is no room for error. I myself will not settle for anything less then the best. I demand nothing but the very best of myself and I pride myself on giving my clientele nothing but BEST.
Fashion and beauty are my life and I am constantly changing up my style to keep up with the latest trends. I would never give my client something that I myself would not wear. I understand that having a fashion forward and up to date stylist is crucial in the presentation of oneself and ones image. In today's world we need to stand out, to be our own brand, to promote ourselves, not just be like everyone else. Being your own person, with your own style is what sets you apart from the rest of the world, so you need to be unique. But what is different about me, is that I just do not give my clients their own unique look, I give them a whole new package, they have their own unique brand, their own unique sense of style. I give them and design them their own unique image. Recently Dominique was award Women of the year for Gladys Fashion magazine and was featured on the cover. Fulgenzio was awarded Newtons Best Salon and Day Spa 2015 and awarded A-List Boston Best Wedding Hairstylist. Dominique was also featured in Boston and NYC fashion week. Fulgenzio recently was award Newton’s Best Salon and Day Spa 2017 *3 consecutive years* and now is apart of the newton business hall of fame, Bostons Best A-List Salon 2017 ranked #10 out of 100 Salons and Boston's Best A-List Wedding Hair and Makeup 2017 , Newton’s #1 Choice Hair Salon 2019 , Regional Silver Award for Hair Salon (Second place in the region for Hair Salon ) , 2020 #1 honorable mention - Dominique was also featured in aspiring magazine , for her outstanding role in keeping her clients and staff safe during the virus . She was acknowledged for her safety rules and regulations and also talked about how it has changed the beauty community! Dominique also has her own YouTube channel, that helped clients maintain beauty tips and tricks while being at home, during the shutdown/ quarantine (YouTube Channel Dominique Earle-Coppola / Domecbeauty ) Dominique has brought in her success to TV and film. Her work for hair and make up has been seen on shows and Movies “The Doctors “ “Dr Phil” “Little Women” “60 Mintues” “Little Women The Movie” Commericals such as CVS and more .
We look forward to many more exciting new success .

I have been in the industry since 1996.

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