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Is Fire Safety of the utmost importance? Use Flamecheck's non-toxic "Class A" fire retardant products.

Flamecheck M-111 Fire Retardant Spray is a "Class A" universal, non-toxic, environmentally friendly spray that meets or exceeds ASTM E-84 on wood and NFPA 701-705 on fabric (Calfire C-27001). You only need one product to treat cotton, silk, polyester, and blends, wood, rope, straw, and much more. No toxic smell when sprayed!

Flamecheck M-111PA Fire Retardant Paint Additive "Class A" passes ASTM E-84 with ZERO Flame Spread and ZERO smoke! Easy to use, mix 8 oz into latex paint, doesn't change the color or the sheen.

Flamecheck FIF Clear Coat was designed for plastic flowers and works on anything that needs a clear fire-retardant finish. Available in Satin or Semi-gloss. ASTM E-84 "Class A" rated.

We ship anywhere in the world.

Flamecheck, Simply Safer.

We have been in the industry since 1985.

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