About Me

I'm an independent filmmaker based in Austin, TX . I have produced, directed, shot, and edited several small budget music videos for my performance art project and others. I have experience in practical ( silicon prosthetic/sculpture ) and visual FX, and sound design/editing.

I am looking for any kind of freelance contract work that is available. Whether it's laying in the mud to help hold the camera in place, organizing your editing bins in post, or duct taping light stands on set, I will do any menial task that needs to be done to get your project to completion.

As a CoA permitted chauffeur with 4 years experience, I can also be your driver.

I have been in the industry since 2016.

Nemion - Pain Eater
Added on 12/31/2020
The most recent video release from my ongoing performance-art project Nemion, Pain Eater is a techno-gothic erotic-horror roller coaster ride into the abyss.


Cinematographer – You Should See Me In A Crown

October, 2019 — October, 2019
Music Video – Adoration Destroyed

Director – Pain Eater

February, 2018 — July, 2020
Music Video – Nemion

Director – VideoFlesh

September, 2016 — September, 2016
Short Film – Boner Bizarre/Zoja Ulesoo

Work with Jenner Carnelian

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