HD Buttercup Venues

2016 Bay Street
Los Angeles, California 90012


About Us

HD Buttercup Venues a division of iiWii Media Group, LLC offers an extensive portfolio of locations available for a wide range of innovative and inspired projects to find their home.

Whether seeking a venue for filming, a photo shoot, brand pop-up’s or an event, our venues are sure to fit any vision.

Available in our collection you will find warehouses (both raw and restored), lofts, fully kitted restaurants/cafe’s, office spaces, basements, courtyards, gyms and even rooftops with skyline views. Many of our locations come with extensive parking and some lots can be used as basecamps.

HD Buttercup Venues portfolio is constantly growing as we add new, unique spaces on a steady basis. Do not hesitate to contact us with any and all questions you may have.

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