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Nashville, Tennessee

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All around audio engineer with a passion for location and post mixing, editing, and sound design. I'm currently self-employed through my audio company Fuller Tracks, where I produce, record, mix and master artists/music from around the Nashville area and beyond.

Star Wars video game trailer
Added on 2/2/2021
This was a school project that I participated in with a team of 4. We were required as a team to record voice-over and Foley for any sounds that were not provided in the given sound library. As a team we mixed, edited, and produced the trailer. As individuals, we were required to compose a music bed that would flow well with the story line.


Producer, tracksing and mix engineer – Self Titled

May, 2020 — June, 2020
Other – Donn and Richy

Procuer, tracking and mix engineer – Virus House

April, 2020 — June, 2020
Other – Lee Thunders

Producer, tracking and mix engineer – Chunks

April, 2020 — June, 2020
Other – Wilbur Lee Brown

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