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Covid-19 testing results in 30 minutes. We offer both: Real Time PCR testing (with 24 hour turn around): and the Abbott ID Now Covid Testing (Results in 30 minutes) both approved by: DGA, PGA, SAG-AFTRA and many others. We test all hours of the day or night at your location in addition we have a Concierge Service that go's to your actor home if required.
All personnel working for Omni Medical Sales & Rapid Covid Labs would be in appropriate dressed in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) according to the CDC guidelines. In addition, all staff members are trained to sanitize between each patient. Staff administering each test will be a mixture of Medical Assistants, Phlebotomists, and Nurses. All staff members have had proper training. In addition, all staff are tested everyday with RT-PCR to ensure every tester is COVID free. We ask each person being tested to follow CDC guidelines with masking and social distancing. If we are doing concierge testing at actors or employee’s homes, we will ask the actor or employee to join us outside of their residence to perform the test outside.
Given the underlying variants Brazil P1P2, UK B.1.1.7 E484K, South African B .1.357, California, and Louisiana, please note our labs can detect these new variants of Covid-19.

In addition, Dr David Pham CMO of Rapid Covid Labs can asset you to create a protect bubble around production. References available.

We have been in the industry since 2020.

ID Now
Added on 3/5/2021
The ID Now System. A diagnostic platform for qualitative detection of certain infections diseases.

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