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San Francisco, California

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To sum myself up quite simply: I'm a nerd. Not the kind of nerd that roamed your high school hallways, clad in thick glasses and pants cropped just 3/4" too short. No not that kind of nerd but the kind of nerd that gets excited by good lighting, a rocking soundtrack and story lines that make you go "damn that writing room". I love details, I'm the kind of person who watches a TV show and notices that the actor was faking a phone call because I saw their home screen light up. Yeah maybe I'm a little obsessive but this is the kind of detail I bring into my work. I have a firm belief that our job as people working in the film industry is to help people escape, to travel to different worlds and if we can't create the world of any given story in a believable way, then we aren't doing our job right. I've lived many lives, I've been a dancer, an actor, a photographer and worked in production and development. Don't let the dancer and actor jobs fool-I'm no Prima Donna, I like getting my hands dirty. Sure I don't have the four year degree from USC, but what I lack in formal education I make up for in real life, on set experience. I'm scrappy, I get the job done. I like challenges and I am not uncomfortable with critiques- in fact I thrive on them, how else am I going to progress? Let me just say this: hire me, you won't be sorry. Let's create!

I have been in the industry since 2015.

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