Bailey Beltramo

Canterbury, New Hampshire

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My interest is in illuminating hidden experiences that broaden others' perspectives. Be that in documentary or live-action dramatic form -- and in motion or still imagery -- I am a visual storyteller.

I have experience in directing, shooting, and editing my own personal projects as well as paid client work. As I'm growing in the industry, I'm always happy for the opportunity to learn and assist on other productions.

If your project is outdoor recreation based, I likely have the skillset to match. A lifetime love for the outdoors has exposed me to rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking, and camping/hiking. The outdoors is where I feel at home and is often the setting for my personal work.

I have been in the industry since 2017.

Ry's Way
Added on 3/30/2021
Tucked away in the suburbs of Concord, Ry's Way is a trail for everyone that pays tribute to a longtime community member, avid cyclist, and impactful person.

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