Jacqueline Romano

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

About Us

I am a documentary filmmaker and digital content producer based in South Florida but travel around the world to film people and their stories.

I help small businesses, and organizations share what they’re doing, and why, in a relatable and inspiring digital format so that the best investors, customers, or clients can connect with their cause.

Translation: I make beautiful content to share your story online. Mini-documentaries, videos, and bio/lifestyle photography are my specialty.

What really excites me is supporting others in the meaningful work they feel called to do in the world. Whether you choose to work with me to create a video for you or to capture your magic in photographs, I am here to support you.

We have been in the industry since 2010.

ICA Miami Young Artists Initiative
Added on 4/6/2021
Jacqueline Romano creates 3-5 minute video showcasing your business offerings or milestone accomplishments for potential clients, donors, or investors. These videos are typically used for sharing donor fund allocation, explaining your business offerings, press campaigns, or sharing your business values, history, and founders with potential clients. The Institute of Contemporary Arts Miami, featured in this video, used their video to promote their young artists' initiative program and to share with current and potential donors. See Jacqueline's full list of services offered at www.jacquelineromano.com.


Editor – Kali Mah Tina

January, 2017 — December, 2017
Feature – 1310 Bandits

Director, Producer, DP, Editor – The Often Forgotten

January, 2016 — May, 2020
Short Film – Documentary

Director, Producer, Editor – Blindfold Mini-Doc Series

March, 2015 — October, 2019
Online – blindfoldmag.com

Office Production Assistant – Tio Papi

May, 2011 — August, 2011
Feature – Active Fox Productions

Editor – Pioneer Winter Documentary

Short Film – PBS

Editor – TechVersify Series

Online – PBS

Camera, Steadicam Operator, Editor – Gimp Gait: A Solo for Two

Short Film – Pioneer Winter Collective

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