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My focus is audiobook narration, but I also perform commercial voiceover, with a special emphasis in automotive commercials.

I'm new to voiceover, starting a new career in my middle age. I am a PhD physicist, with experience in the classroom and the lab, in such subjects as astronomy, cosmology, solid state physics, and laser ablation. I have studied Kung Fu and Tai Chi, pretended to learn the guitar, sung in an amateur choir, and designed board and roleplaying games. I am a stay-at-home-dad, a perennial do-it-yourselfer, a cook, a maker. I am an inveterate sci-fi and fantasy geek, a chronic nerd. I love bad action movies and good science documentaries in equal measure, and I can't go a day without a little music in my life.

I have been in the industry since 2020.

Pakt Travel Backpack Explainer Video
Added on 5/11/2021
This was the explainer video for the Pakt Bags Indiegogo campaign to launch their Pakt Travel Backpack.

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Narration – A Crime on the Bayou

July, 2019 — July, 2019
Short Film – Augusta Films

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