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DRP is a Baltimore, MD based, independent, indie-like, non-union, full service production company. We shoot with HD, 4k and 6k cameras (Sony and BMD) and a few 4k GoPro cameras. We are readily available for any type of production: cinematic feature film, commercial, PSA, Political, Real-estate, public/private or live production, recorded or webcasting, streaming, etc. We can bring almost 3 tons of lighting, grip & electric gear (plus generators). And, arrange caterers and support crew, as needed. YOUR ONE STOP SHOP! In addition, we have extensive HD and 4k video editing software, color correction capabilities, music creation possibilities, sound effect capabilities and 1000's of royalty free HD and 4k corporate, concrete and abstract video clips and music. What we can do could save you about 25-30% in production time and gear rental costs for your next production, in any genre in or around the Mid-Atlantic Region. I love this industry and would thoroughly enjoy any freelance role I can play in it for you! WE WILL WORK WITHIN YOUR BUDGET, as possible. A mobile production / grip truck / trailer and small studio will also be available, approximately the Fall of 2024! I am a seasoned professional, dependable, on-time, friendly, outgoing, organized, detail oriented, knowledgeable - a carpenter and painter, too. I am very easy to work with one-on-one, or with any size crew. TRY US!...you'll love me alone or with The DOOM Crew, all together! (Note: sometimes as much as 30 to 60 days prior notice may be necessary, depending on our current work load...so plan accordingly). Thank you for your consideration! Duker

We have been in the industry since 1985.

DOOM DEMO REEL - The Compilation Reel
Added on 9/6/2021
DOOM Recording & Productions' new DEMO REEL - The Compilation. Shot in HD and 4k, but formatted to SD for smoother play over various platforms, this demo reel is filled with many types of productions and editing samples, hence called "The Compilation." This demo includes, but is not limited to Cinematic Camera work, Industrial, Commercial, Travel and Leisure shots, Weddings, Nature and Wildlife, Covid-19, Models, Airlines, Architectural, Robotics, DJ and Music, with After Effects, Time Lapse, Slo-motion, other Effects, Transitions and Graphic overlays. Call Duker at 443-943-5965 to put the BOOM in your next production!

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The Mobile Production Truck build-out is underway. Here is the initial timeline... 1. Dec 2020 - Purchased the truck from some pretty skeptical, basically dishonest folks in Edgewater, MD, I feel and learned the hard way. But, I worked with it! I thought it was going to fall apart 10 miles into the drive home...wow! 2. Feb 2021 through March 2021 - Refurbished the truck mechanically from bumper to bumper just to pass the MD inspection. 3. April 2021 - Nov 2022 - Demoed the interior - the seats - started the build out of the racks and countertops, tinting the windows, installing LED lighting, running power, etc. 4. Feb 2023 - Most of the major construction is complete; three (3) stations were created. All of the gear is mounted and has power, and about half of the video wiring is done...Still a few months to go... 5. Mar 2023 - July 2023 - Starting the networking, building the network server and storage computer and finishing the video and audio wiring...wish me LUCK! So far, doing it all myself. (See the images.) Learning video, audio engineering and integration, as well as, networking mostly by watching YouTube videos. (A shout out to DOUG JOHNSON of Doug Johnson Productions, Utah. He's the man, frigging brilliant!) The videos produced by Doug are the BEST!! BIG shout outs! The man is BRILLIANT and truly helping me save my sanity and soul! Thank you, Doug! You're the best and very motivating!!!!!! So it's now February 2023 and all, or most of the gear is mounted. (Hopefully where it should be for work flow efficiency.) All the major construction is done. So, I am left with installing the carpet, networking the gear together then upgrading it's firmware and testing it with cameras in a few different scenario, i.e. sports, interviews, live event, recorded events, with single and multiple camera productions. Probably months to go, but, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel... Thanks for checking me out! I hope we can work together soon!!! Sincerely, Duker
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Flowers, Plants, Props – The Wire, 2002 - 2008

December, 2002 — December, 2008
Feature – Consultant

Support Services – Along Came A Spider, 2001

December, 2001 — December, 2001
Feature – Production Company

Flowers, Plants, Props – Absolute Power, 1999

December, 1998 — December, 1998
Feature – Line Producer

Flower & Plant Decoration Services – Enemy Of The State, 1998

December, 1997 — December, 1997
Feature – Set Decorator

Support Services – For Richer or Poorer, 1997

December, 1996 — December, 1996
Feature – Production Company

Support Services – Homicide: Life on the Streets, 1993 - 1999

Television – Production Company

Support Services – Her Alibi, 1989

Feature – 2nd Assistant Director

Support Services – He Said She Said, 1991

Feature – Production Company

Flowers, Plants, Props – The Distinguished Gentleman, 1992

Feature – Producer

Flowers, Plants, Props – Guarding Tess, 1994

Feature – Producer

Support Services – Major League II, 1994

Feature – PA

Flowers, Plants, Props – Twelve Monkeys, 1995

Feature – Set Decorator

Flowers, Plants Consultant – Boys, 1996

Feature – Executive Producer

Flowers, Plants, Props – Major League, 1989

Feature – Intern, PA

Flowers, Plants, Props – Avalon, 1990

Feature – Intern, PA

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