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Visually poignant films to inspire hope and bring justice to those in need.

Boutique film production and photography studio in Los Angeles. 20+ years in the New York City film and theater industry working in every area of production from PA to runner to working in the casting department to being a performer to teaching children filmmaking to production coordination to photography to content creating and writing, eventually becoming a one-woman band: writer, cinematographer, editor, photographer and producer Angela Dee incorporated Angela Dee, Inc. in Los Angeles in 2018.

A British ex-pat, Angela travels across North America shooting documentary films for victims of corporate and systemic neglect, assisting in furnishing multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for women, children, and marginalized people from all walks of life.
Additionally, Angela Dee is the accomplished, creative force behind Rack & Ruin - a binge-worthy web-series, and now TV Pilot, that made its streaming debut in 2015 on WYSKTV. In 2015 it was a CBS Development Award finalist and in 2016 it won the Virgin Produced Award at SeriesFest. It was available on Virgin Airlines globally and in all associated hotels and web-platforms for a year. It can currently be viewed at Huawei and DICE platform Twisted Mirror TV and was a front-page feature for Women’s History Month 2021.

We have been in the industry since 1996.

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