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Creative Director passionate about fashion directive and advertising for diverse and inclusive intent to wide scale markets and demographics. I have a vast background in print, campaigns and Diversity integrations within fashion brands such as American Eagle Outfitters, American Apparel, and ALDO USA. After serving a tenure of 10 years with the ALDO GROUPE, I returned to the fashion industry and co-founded IV League. IVL is the first creative talent and modeling agency that focuses on the development of high fashion, commercial and runway models. The creative branch covers educating set creatives to thrive in editorial and commercial environments with the focus on print and film. Coming from a educational expertise in Public Relations and Media Strategy, my company also provides services of image consultation, customer retention, content strategy and market literacy all whilst keeping the strong pillars of diversity and spotlight on those underserved by challenges brought upon certain communities. Recent publications include Forbes Magazine and Women's Wear Daily for the creative directive on showcasing inclusive impact on the high fashion world.

I have been in the industry since 2020.

Uniteable Inclusive Fashion for Forbes Magazine
Added on 6/4/2021
This BTS was an inside look on our set with UNITEABLE Inclusive Fashion. I consulted the brand during it's time of launch and post launch to ensure proper strategy was created for immense exposure leading up to the publications found in Forbes Magazine and Women's Wear Daily.

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