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Sound Mixer, Editor, and Supervisor based in NYC with experience in Film Production Sound, Sound Design, and Score as well as Podcast Sound Editing. Editing sound practically and creatively to communicate the clearest artistic message, committed to communication and practical effectiveness, and available for work. Excited to discuss any projects, feel free to contact me via ProductionHub, email, or phone!

As a SOUND EDITOR, I am able to mix already recorded audio to create a polished final product. I have exercised this capability mixing sound for several podcasts. Examples of my work include the podcasts "A Bridge to Balance" and "Wherever You Go, There You Are" which are both available on Spotify and Apple.

As a SOUND SUPERVISOR, I am able to serve as a liaison between the director of a project and the parties which said director has hired to record and mix sound. The idea here is to serve as a bridge to streamline communication, to protect the interests of the director and serve as an unbiased 3rd party when assessing who to hire, how to work with them, and what to expect. Having been a Location Sound Mixer, Sound Editor, Sound Supervisor, and Producer, my work experience allows me to have a deeper understanding of what these roles entail.

As a SCORE COMPOSER, I am able to connect themes in film through a sonic and musical mode of communication. I'm able to rhetorically analyze a film and deepen the existing ideas, as well as hi light connections that subtly exist through music. This is my most developed skill set, but I take projects on based on whether I connect with the subtext of the material.

Email is brett.sottosanti@gmail.com , phone is 203-554-2461 . Looking forward to talking!

We have been in the industry since 2016.

Brett Sottosanti - Location Sound Reel 2021
Added on 8/16/2021
All sound in this video is raw! No editing or sound design applied, just the mono mix from location. These clips are from the feature films "Mean Man" and "Kat Combination", shot between January 2021 and August 2021.


Producer, Location Sound Mixer – Mean Man

May, 2021 — August, 2021
Feature – Two Piece

Location Sound Mixer – Soap & Bubbles

May, 2021 — July, 2021
Other – Episodic Soap Opera Series

Producer, Location Sound Mixer – Kat Combination

December, 2020 — April, 2021
Feature – Two Piece

Producer, Score Composer – Plastic French

March, 2020 — June, 2020
Feature – Two Piece

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