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I was born in a small country town in the very south of Brazil. As a teenager I moved to an island called Florianópolis, a place known for its stunning nature, amazing reggae bands and top-notch surfing tournaments.
It was in the upcoming indie rock scene, where all the weirdos were hanging out, that he found himself as a musician. A very special time that has played a huge role in my career.
I ended up moving to Santa Monica CA in 2012, a place that he now calls home. (Too long of a story to tell in a bio… perhaps, over coffee).
I have been playing and composing music professionally for over 15 years. I am lucky to have stumbled into the indie film scene in Los Angeles where I’ve met some of the most creative people in my career.
At the end of 2021 I got a best original score nomination at Cannes Diversity Festival for the short film called “Operation White Boy”
In 2020 I scored Loving In America written by Bianca Cristovão and directed by Jason Gudasz which won best web series at the African American Film Festival. Some other notable films he had worked on are Seafoam, Uncle, Art Broken and Worst Enemy.
I have also scored a variety of national and international commercials for brands such as FIFA, KIA, Cartago, Aurora, NBC and so on.
From Dylan to Daniel Johnson. Wilco to Hank Williams. Blind Willie McCtell to Bossa Nova. Bernard Hermann to Jonny Greenwood.  Singer songwriter/finger picking guitar, indie/pop folk, 70’s vintage synth sound/late sixties rock and soul vibes -  are all mine favorite music genres to write, compose and produce. .
Currently I am the co-founder, lead guitarist, songwriter and producer of the west side Indie country band, The Stoned Ponies. Also co-founder of BAT! musical project along with the poet and visual artist, Nayana Baggio @poesia.entre.linhas, First single scheduled to be released in March 2022.

I have been in the industry since 2013.

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