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Winner of the First Surround Music Awards for the Best Surround Music Composition, Veteran of Surround Sound and the Creator of 3-D Sound Reality Alexander Golberg Jero is currently working out of his DTS-X Studio in Detroit, Michigan and besides current internal music and film projects is also accepting new clients all over the world to produce sound tracks for Music, Video, Films, Presentations and Commercials. From Stereo to 7.1.4 most advanced Surround Sound Alexander is ready to embark on any complex mixing project including ready for cinema distribution multiplexing in DCP format, Blu-ray of Streaming Media. Rates are very from $70 an hour depending on the complexity of the project.

We have been in the industry since 1998.


Content Creation – Over 200 High Definition Surround Music Titles

January, 2002 — December, 2022
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