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Worcester, Massachusetts

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Laurel Elizabeth Hasara is a psychological-horror screenwriter, novelist and Gothic photographer. Her debut feature-length film, Lovella, is based on an interracial college romance fueled by dark experimentation and obsession, while her debut novella released March 22, 2021, The Nobodies: an unusual tale of society's least desirable. With a Bachelor's of Arts in English Literature acquired at The University of Maryland, Miss. Hasara's current academic focus is concentrated in the studies of philosophical theology, angelology and demonology. Sole owner of House of Hasara, LLC, her overarching artistic goal is to make her life into a living art piece through various literary and visual forms.

Contact only if you're looking to hire me as a feature screenwriter or script supervisor.

I have been in the industry since 2016.


Production Assistant – The Wound Wood

September, 2021 — October, 2021
Feature – Andrew Mudge

Production Assistant – Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

August, 2021 — August, 2021
Feature – Marvel Studios

Production Operator – Groton News Channel

July, 2021 — October, 2021
Live Event – Town of Groton

Script Supervisor / Production Assistant – Anatomy of a Scene

July, 2021 — July, 2021
Commercial – SAI Global

Art Production Assistant – A Job to Die For

July, 2021 — July, 2021
Feature – Dawn's Light Movie, LLC

Ghost Writer / Production Assistant – Wellness in the Film & TV Industry

July, 2021 — July, 2021
Commercial – Safe Sets

Screenwriter – Lovella

September, 2016 — December, 2021
Feature – Lloyd Entertainment

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