Madalina Zimmerman

Atlanta, Georgia

About Me

Madalina is a filmmaker founded on a passion and deep love for the crafty of visual storytelling. Her career started in the commercial world six years ago. Since then, she's produced, directed, and wrote award-winning commercials, short films, and docu-style pieces. Her work has also received international recognition. Today, Madalina's true passion lies in the narrative world.

Finding herself restless producing commercials, short-form narratives, and itching to challenge her craft, Madalina took to the feature film world in 2020. To date, Madalina has been a producer on two independent feature films.

As both a producer and director, she recognizes that it's her job to see the written words of a script translate into a cinematic visual masterpiece. She also recognizes that as a producer, she can influence what is seen on the big screen. With that, she mindfully picks and chooses the writers, directors, and projects she wishes to support.

I have been in the industry since 2016.

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