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Three time Emmy award winning director of photography. I have spent over 35+ years in the television broadcasting and production industry, and have worked for several networks and production companies. I consider myself to be a creative visual thinker who believes that there are some things that can only be communicated and expressed through the visual medium. I am a dedicated professional who will work hard for my clients and bring all of my experience, skill, and wisdom to every shoot. This includes doing things in a safe and sensible manner. I am an honest, trustworthy, and punctual individual who is easy to work with. Along my career path, I've had the opportunity to work with quite a few very talented individuals. Through those experiences, I have developed a keen understanding of how to tell a story, and what it takes to create stimulating visual content. I will always go the extra mile whenever necessary.

In addition to my videography skills, I am an equally capable and talented still photographer. From head shots, environmental portraits, and editorial coverage, to corporate events, galas, and fashion shoots. I can also provide green screen shoots, photo printing on site services, and instant/on location social media uploads. My website is DezVisionphotography.com
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To compliment my efforts, I have a broad range of grip and lighting equipment available to support just about any project or event. Please see my equipment list below.


1-Sony FX6 Full frame camera
1-Sony FE PZ 28-135 F/4 G OSS Zoom Lens and camera mounted shotgun mic
1- ATOMOS Ninja 5 monitor (Mounted on camera).
1- Sachtler Tripod W/Fluid head.
1- DJI wireless mic system W/2- lavs
1- 25ft. XLR mic Cables.
1- Mathews 24"x24" reflector with stand and sand bag.
1- LED bi-color camera top light,

Additional camera and lighting equipment available:

1-Sony FX9 Full Frame Camera
1-Sony FE C 16-35 T3.1 Cine Servo Zoom Wide angle lens
1-Sony FE 70-200 F/2.8 GM OSS II zoom lens
1-Sony FE 24-70 F/2.8 GM zoom Lens
1-Sony FE 85 F/1.4 GM Prime lens
1-Sony FE 50mm F/1.2 GM Prime lens
1-Sony FE 20mm 1.8 Ultra Wide Angle lens

Complete 4 channel wireless package includes the following components:

1- Sound Devices Mix Pre-II 4-channel field mixer
2- Lectrosonics SRC Wideband Receivers
3- Lectrosonics LT Beltpack Transmitters
1- Lectrosonics LT Cube Transmitter
3- Sanken COS-11D Lavalier Mics (hard wire)
1- Rode NTG-3 Shotgun Mic on K-tec Boom Pole W/ shock isolation head & Rycote wind sock.
(Mixer connects to camera via 15ft. audio snake)

Auxiliary Audio Gear:

1- K-tec Boom Pole ( Aluminum) equipped with shock mount isolation heads.
1- Rode Blimp
1- Audix SCX1-HC Hyper Cardioid Condenser mic
1- Audio-technica AT-4053B Hyper Cardioid Condenser mic.
1- RODE VideoMic Pro


2- Aputure LS 600D Daylight LED
2- Aputure Light Storm C300D Mark II LED
2- Aputure Light Storm LS C-120D II Daylight LED
2- Aputure F-10 Fresnel adaptors & Barn doors
1- Aputure Spotlight Mount W/26 degree lens (includes assorted cookies)
1- LUPO Day LED 2000 Daylight LED W/Battery Powered Option (2000 Watt Equivalent)
4- Litepanels Astra 1x1 Daylight LED lights (2 with Battery Powered Option)
1- Dracast Silkray 600 Daylight LED (14” Round Head)
1- Dracast Silkray 400 Daylight LED (10” Round Head)
1- Dracast Silkray 400B Bi-color LED (10” Round Head)
3- Intellytech Pocket Cannon. Daylight LED Fresnel
1- Arri 1000 Fresnel (Tungsten)
1- Arri 650 Fresnel (Tungsten)
3- Arri 300 Fresnels (Tungsten)
1- Arri 150 Fresnel (Tungsten)

Assorted Aputure light Modifiers


8- Avenger 40” C-Stands W/ Grip heads & extension arms
8- Avenger 40” Roller stands
3- Avenger Beefy Boom arms W/ counter weights
4- Avenger Heavy duty 60” hi Roller stands
1- Avenger Heavy Duty 72” hi Roller stand W/ Heavy Duty Boom Arm ( Includes counter weights)
4- Avenger 6.5' Combo Stands
2- Avenger 2' mini combo stands
2- Avenger 2' Baby Stands
2- Matthews Slider Stands
1- Dana Dolly W/Straight Track
3- Dana Dolly Curved track sections (2-sizes for different turn radius)
1- Glow 12'x12' Butterfly Overhead frame W/1.5 stop Diffusion
1- 10'x10' Skylite Rapid Butterfly frame W/ 1.25-stop Diffusion
1- Glow 8'x8' Butterfly Overhead frame W/1.5 Diffusion
1- 8'x8' Matthews Overhead Butterfly Frame W/.5-stop Silk Diffusion
1- 5'x5' Skylite Rapid Butterfly frame W/ 1.25-stop Diffusion
3- 3.25'x3.25' Skylite Rapid Butterfly frame W/ 1.25-stop Diffusion
2- Matthews 48"x48" Floppy Cutters
1- Matthews 40"x40" Matthboard Silver reflector W/ Pivoting Yoke
1- Matthews 24"x 24" hard reflector
2- Modern Studio 36"x36" 1.5 stop diffusers

Assorted sand bags

1- ikan Atlas AX20 19.5" HD Field Monitor W/ Battery Powered Option and Holland 4K TX&RX system
1- iKan Elite Pro Teleprompter W/wireless remote

1- 20"x20" Green Screen
1- 10"x10" Green Screen
1- 5"x12" Vinyl Green/Blue Screen floor

Photography Equipment:

1- Nikon D810 W/ 24-70 2.8 lens
2- Sony A7IV Camera Bodies
1- Sony FE 70-200 F/2.8 GM OSS II zoom lens
1- Sony FE 24-70 F/2.8 GM zoom Lens
1- Sony FE 85 F/1.4 GM Prime lens
1- Sony FE 50mm F/1.2 GM lens
1- Sony FE 20mm 1.8 Ultra Wide Angle lens

Photography Flash Lighting:

2- Profoto D2-1000 heads
2- Profoto D2-500 heads
1- Profoto B-1 500 Head
1- Profoto B-10 Head
1- Profoto B2-250 Head and Battery Pack
1- Profoto 22" Beauty Dish w/Grid
Assorted Elinchrom Rotalux Light Modifiers and soft boxes
Assorted color/texture backgrounds (Paper roll and Fabric/canvas)

I have been in the industry since 1986.

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