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Studio, Camera and G&E Rental facilities in Columbus, OH and Louisville, KY.
We cover the midwest! Serving Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Louisville, Lexington and West Virginia!
Bolt Cinebot Motion Control Specialists
LED Virtual Studios
4K High Speed Video / 4K Phantom Flex
Cine Camera and Lens Rentals
Grip & Electric Rentals
Studio Space Rental
Grip Trucks
Sound Mixers
DIT & VTR Services

Let us know how we can support your next project!
We can provide all the necessary crew positions for your shoot and supply the appropriate gear to support your production making your project a success. We also have central Ohio’s largest soundstage featuring 4200sf of shooting area!

We pride ourselves on being flexible enough to scale to meet the needs of our clients. Our crews are diversified and our work spans commercial production, broadcast television, corporate & industrial projects, as well as web & streaming media. We work across many disciplines including Entertainment, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Political, Agriculture, Animal Nutrition, Financial, Non Profit, Philanthropic, Legal, Sports, Mining, and other industrial applications.

We have been working with producers at every level for 25 years to tell compelling stories with video. Our crews are equipped with a keen eye for detail and bring a great attitude to set. From ENG style shoots through larger projects, with camera movement and nuanced lighting we match the right crew to the right project.

What can you expect when booking studio space at Ohio HD?

* A client friendly atmosphere
* 60x70' stage with greenroom, kitchen, truck bay and office space*
* On-demand gear rentals at a discounted rate
* For more info: www.ohiohdvideo.com/studios

What can you expect when you rent gear from Ohio HD?

* Fully functional, cared for, state of the art technology
* Packages thought through to ensure a successful shoot
* A support team ready to solve problems and assist when things go awry
* For more info: www.ohiohdvideo.com/gear-rental/

What can you expect when you book a crew with Ohio HD?

* We create a collaborative creative environment on-set
* We will work to understand your project to create images that will have to most impact
* Our crews arrive on time, ready to face the challenges with a positive attitude
* We work with you to make sure we have to right gear to match the shoot requirements
* A vast network of "A" list freelancers
* For more info: www.ohiohdvideo.com

We have been in the industry since 2001.

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