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With backgrounds in both the entertainment/media and business worlds, our team plays a key supporting role to our leading clients. As a team of two, we can assure you we'll put 110% into every production - big or small - to make sure everyone reaches success.
A little bit about us: we're like a PBJ sandwich. Total opposites with separate skill sets that are dynamite when put together. We noticed we've got a ying-and-a-yang thing going on and it works. There's one major constant that stands out in our work: elevating others. We're strong communicators with a work ethic that won't quit. It's important to us that we create our best work with you. Simply put, we really just love making people their best.

We don't just focus on just one area. Through our careers over the years, we've been fortunate to learn the tools and the skills in all stages of production and business management: whether it be the developmental stage, casting and prod. coordinating, filming, or editing to final delivery - we have you covered.

There's no project too big or too small and we'll always meet your needs (or we'll die trying). If you need a great team from start to finish or you have a specific role for us on your journey - we're ready. We'd love to get started!

We have been in the industry since 2021.

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VFX / Production Coord. & Production Support Team – 'Goodluck' Music Video (Broken Bells) - Directors Kimberly Stukwisch & Nelson de Castro

March, 2020 — April, 2021
Music Video – Little Ugly, Broken Bells, MBS

Assistant to Producer – The Boy II (Horror Film)

September, 2018 — February, 2020
Feature –

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