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in:ciite studios is a world-class recording and audio post-production facility conveniently located just south of Nashville in Franklin, TN. Our studios provide a wide range of recording and post audio services for the music, film, TV, video game, spoken word, and streaming industries. Our studio facility is the premier studio for ADR in Nashville. We have an extensive catalog & credits in both film and television. This multi-studio facility, designed by Russ Berger, features five studios with 2 ADR Stages (and additional for on location use) with a blend of state-of-the-art digital and classic analog outboard gear for audio recording and post-production, as well as a newly designed 9.1.4 DOLBY ATMOS Studio certified for home entertainment and music open to bookings in May 2022. Services include: Post-production sound services, ADR, Re-recording (mixing), Sound Effects/Design, Music production. and production facilities.

We record audio books and podcasts; one large room which is used primarily for podcast recording, media days, and satellite tours.

We have been in the industry since 2003.


ADR – Stranger Things

February, 2022 — March, 2022
Television – Netflix

ADR – Jupiter's Legacy

June, 2021 — July, 2021
Television – Netflix

ADR Mixer – The Mighty Ducks; Game Changers

April, 2021 — April, 2021
Television –

ADR – The Walking Dead (Ep: Splinter )

March, 2021 — March, 2021
Television – Netflix

ADR Mixer - (7 Episodes) – Dexter: New Blood

January, 2021 — January, 2021
Television –

Recording / Production Management – Broadway My Way

April, 2018 — April, 2018
Other – Heather Headley

ADR Mixer – The Christmas Chronicles

January, 2018 — January, 2018
Feature – Netflix

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