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About Us

Ken Kaiser Electric is a full service electrical contractor serving the film and television industry as a locations electrical contractor for all hard wired and permanently installed electrical work including residential, commercial, City, State, County buildings, parks, historical homes and buildings, hospitals, cathedrals, churches. We work with Locations Managers /Scouts and we are business partners with Location Managers Guild International. We work with Set Decorators, Art Directors, Gaffers, Rigging Electric, and more.
With 30 years experience, 10 years of film and television work, multiple Oscar /Emmy winning and nominated shows and films and other awards. Worked for every major studio, and new online and cable studios, and directors from Terantino to Speilberg and more.

We have been in the industry since 2012.


Locations Electrical – Being The Ricardos

Feature – Big Indie Ricardos

Location Electrical Service – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Feature – Boss Films

Location Electrical – Last Ship seasons 1-4

Television – Turner North

Locations Electric – Last Man On Earth

Television – 20th Century Fox

Locations Electrical – Peppermint

Feature – Peppermint Productions

Locations Electrical – House Party

Feature – Warner Bros

Locations Electrical – Station 19

Television – Disney/ABC

Locations Electrical – Fabelman

Feature – Placeholder Prod.

Locations Electrical – Snowfall seasons 1-3

Television – FX

Location Electric – Fast and Furious 9

Feature – Universal

Locations Electric – Nocturnal Animals

Feature – Tom Ford

Locations Electrical – Ballers

Television – HBO

Locations Electrical – Space Jam 2

Feature – Warner Bros

Locations Electrical – Rebel Moon

Feature – Netflix

Location Electrical – Straight Outta Compton

Feature – Straight Outta LLC

Locations Electrical – Grace and Frankie

Television – Grace and Frankie LLC

Locations Electrical – The Offer

Television – Paramount+/Showtime

Locations Electrical – American Gigolo

Television – Paramount Television

Locations Electrical – Insecure

Television – HBO/Sony

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