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Sound is your cheapest production design. Even so, far too many movies, promos, TV shows and commercials DGAF about it. This is a serious problem. So, Loud Color is OCD about sound. We’re nerds. Pretty hardcore nerds. And we "see" sound like most people see color. If you ask us about phase correlation, nodes, modes, and Rodes, prepare to take an epic nap as we drone on for hours. That’s the thing: Behind every art is a science. Most people abandon their art when the science gets too science-y. But we LOVE science. Neil DeGrasse Tyson. See?

Sound design, voice casting & recording, dialog editing & cleanup foley, re-recording mixing, and ALL THINGS audio post production - Loud Color LA will knock your socks off... then buy you a whole new pair - extra cushy, warm and fluffy.

We have been in the industry since 2019.

THX - Deep Note Opener (Rework)
Added on 4/19/2022
In this THX mix, we crafted original sounds with synthesizers, foley, granular synthesis and complex effects. We utilized immersive VR and 3D mixing techniques to give a clear sense of space and environment. The entire mix consists of nearly 300 audio tracks, from atmospheres and ambiances to foley and unique transitions. The mix was completed at Loud Color LA’s Long Beach studio. All visual components are property of THX Ltd.


Sound Design & Mix – Do Yewww!

February, 2022 — February, 2022
Commercial – IKON Pass

Sound Design, Dialog Editing, Mix – People Person

August, 2021 — December, 2021
Television – Malena Industries

Sound Design, Music Remix, Mix – Inside Out

June, 2021 — July, 2021
Commercial – Casper Mattress

Sound Design & Mix – Official Trailer

June, 2021 — June, 2021
Commercial – Call of Duty: Vanguard

Sound Design & Mix – Tom Clancy's Xdefiant

May, 2021 — June, 2021
Commercial – Ubisoft

Sound Design & Mix – Play for Real

April, 2021 — April, 2021
Commercial – Oculus

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