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Louisville, Kentucky

About Me

Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, while having a love for movies I was on a very different path. While pursuing a criminal justice degree, to meet an arts elective credit I took an intro to film course and my life changed forever. From that day on I dove into all things film. It took a while for me to find my place in the film world. While realizing that film was my calling I began working in all aspects of film, from boom operator, grip, directing, sfx, to working my way from a production assistant all the way up to 1st Assistant Director. It was not until I picked up a camera that things truly clicked. I moved to Mississippi after graduating to begin my career in film. After a few years of learning and making connections, I decided to make the classic filmmaker move and head to Hollywood for a few years. While there, I ended up working more back in the southern U.S. (Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas). So now I find myself living in the south once again. Currently working as a full-time freelance cinematographer, with 4 feature films slated for 2022! My love is telling stories through the lens and finding beauty in every shot and angle.

I have been in the industry since 2011.

Mark Moehle Cinematographer Reel 2022
Added on 4/20/2022
Collection of Short scenes showcasing past work as a cinematographer.


Director Of Photography – The Mask

October, 2022 — current
Feature – Christopher Gatrost

Director of Photography – Into the Hills

September, 2022 — current
Feature – Sara Simmons

Director of Photography – The Sandbar

July, 2022 — August, 2022
Feature – Mathews Film Company

Director of Photography – Live, Laugh, Die

June, 2022 — July, 2022
Feature – Christopher Gatrost

Director of Photography – Sundance Film Festival and Rabbit Hole

November, 2021 — January, 2022
Commercial – Rabbit Hole Distillery

Director of Photography – Jeremy Neal- Gold

August, 2021 — August, 2021
Music Video – Jeremy Neal

Director of photography and Video producer – Rabbit hole Distillery Marketing Projects

March, 2020 — April, 2022
Corporate – Rabbit Hole Distillery

Director of Photography – Kentucky Straight Ice Promotional

March, 2020 — March, 2020
Commercial – Kentucky Straight Ice

Director Of Photography – Bean coffee Social Spot

February, 2020 — February, 2020
Commercial – Bean Coffee

Director of photography – Mr. Lee's

December, 2019 — December, 2019
Online – Mr. Lee's Cocktail Bar.

1st Assistant Director – Still Missing Morgan

October, 2019 — November, 2019
Television – Mad Possum

2nd Assistant Director – The Riot Act

September, 2018 — October, 2018
Feature – Mad Possum

2nd Assistant Director – Mk Ultra

August, 2018 — September, 2018
Feature – Joseph Sorrentino

Production Assistant – Jeepers Creepers 3

February, 2017 — April, 2017
Feature –

Director – The Road to Zion

September, 2016 — September, 2016
Short Film –

Production Assistant- Stand in for Liam Hemsworth – The Duel

September, 2014 — October, 2014
Feature –

Grip – Earthrise

May, 2014 — June, 2014
Feature – Dead Leaf productions

Boom op – Headrush

August, 2012 — August, 2012
Short Film – Johnson Thomasson

Director of Photography – Monster Makeover

July, 2012 — July, 2012
Short Film – Mathews Film company

Boom operator – Illumination

September, 2011 — September, 2011
Short Film – Shendopen productions

Director of Photography – Honesty

September, 2010 — September, 2010
Short Film – Jason Garret

Key Grip – Where I Begin

August, 2010 — August, 2010
Feature – Thomas Phillips

Director of Photography – Numb- Art of Failure

July, 2010 — July, 2010
Music Video – Art of Failure

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