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Supplier of Camera or Insert truck and process trailer for the southwest region. We also have the worlds first Tesla powered Zero emissions process vehicle named Zephyr. We also have a full picture car production facility to modify and create Film related picture cars.

Insert truck has on board generator, full speed rail package, camera mounts, process trailer up to 14’ wide for dollys, multiple tow dollies, and a crane attachment for techno crane.

Zephyr is the worlds first and only zero emissions process vehicle, it is a remote/pod drive platform with adjustable air suspension. Driver position can be place anywhere on platform to avoid being seen by camera allowing for 270+ degree shots. In addition to being Green it has the lowest “hood” height allowing for a camera to be pointed forward in most vehicles without seeing the platform. Removable wings allow for up to 14’ total width for dollys and can tow a vehicle as well. This allows a techno crane to be placed on the deck and the picture car to be towed and filmed.

We have been in the industry since 2011.

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