Jon Lile

North Hollywood, California

About Me

Jon Lile was born and raised in a small Midwest town surrounded by farmland. His mother is a secretary, and his father a janitor. Growing up, he wasn’t exposed to television or many movies. Most of his childhood days were spent wandering through a world of his own imagination. So much so, that it was a constant distraction from his schoolwork.
It wasn’t until he was a teenager that he discovered his love for film, and was set on a path.
After high school though, Jon went to work remodeling houses; pouring concrete, shingling, and everything in between. As fulfilling as it was to be working with his hands and earning a decent wage, there was a gnawing inside him. At twenty-five, Jon decided to take his passion for film and his strong work ethic and try his hand at a career in the film industry. Where better to learn than Hollywood.
After working many of the jobs on a film set, he was given the opportunity to work in the camera department, and eventually behind the camera.
Jon has worked with filmmakers from all walks of life. He’s traveled the world shooting short films, feature length documentaries and commercials.

I have been in the industry since 2008.

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