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Kathmandu, Nepal

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I am a professional videographer or a camera operator in Nepal. I also work as a Producer/Director here in Nepal and also as a PD Self Shooter. I shoot aesthetically and I shoot keeping the edit in mind. I have many years of experience capturing visual stories in Asia for international clients. I have as a result learned to shoot in various styles as demanded by the look and feel of the film. My English is very good, I listen well and I communicate well. You will also find me to be very flexible, conscientious, and friendly - the three qualities I believe that form the basis for a successful and satisfying shoot. So please be in touch and together, we'll make it happen!! Please check the short showreel I have uploaded on this site.

Added on 6/23/2022
A short compilation from some of the past footage I have shot. This is to give you an idea of my camerawork.


Cameraperson / Director – Surviving Snakebites

November, 2021 — November, 2021
Short Film – Oxford Clinical Care Unit / Wellcome Trust

Cameraperson / Director – Children of the Snowy Peak

October, 2021 — October, 2021
Short Film – Self made

Camera Operator / Director – Bina's Poem

July, 2021 — August, 2021
Commercial – Himalayan Children's Charities

Camera operator / Director – Stolen Lives, Broken Dreams

July, 2021 — August, 2021
Short Film – Wellcome Trust / Oxford University

Camera Operator / Co Director – Expedition - Third Pole Himalayas

February, 2021 — April, 2021
Television – Historie Fabrikken - Denmark

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