Rythm EFX, LLC.

Denver, Colorado


About Us

We shape live event experiences by composing designs with a vision to focus on creating events and projects that are unique and anchored on the clients individual dreams, needs and purposes. We center our attention on the details, custom elements and quality designs that make our events and projects stand out from the crowd so our clients can be recognized. Our goal is to bring our clients a tailored experience that is both professional and high quality and leaves a lasting impression on their customers. We focus on the details for a reason. They make or break a project and we are here to bring our clients top notch products that express their own companies. We're proud to have a few OCD designers on staff to make sure that happens.

We're proud to offer multiple services such as full event design & production, and a full prop shop for custom fabrications of all sizes for specialty services.

We have been in the industry since 2009.

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