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KIRBY STUDIOS DALLAS - Privacy, customer service, and convenience are our secret

KIRBY STUDIOS DALLAS was established in 2020 with the goal of providing a premiere photography
studio that serves production companies looking for an ideal creative space with a 3-wall seamless
cyclorama, two large private parking lots, office suite, and safe and secure location minutes from Dallas.
Your visionary team works hard and fast — even when schedules or creative content changes direction.
Our stage is geared toward creative filmmakers, including advertising car photography, stills, motion
captures, short or long-term film or TV sets, green screens, product, videos, live streaming, or corporate
Show runners require the ultimate time and cost savers such, drive-in loading doors, comfortable
spacious office suite, and the ability to bring in special equipment such as LED screens. Music videos and
television shows can take hours to film, running into the wee hours of the morning, which is why having a
stage conveniently located near the main freeway and two airports are great time-savers.
At Kirby Studios Dallas, you are truly exclusive. With our onsite parking and one-stage facility, you don’t
have to interact with anyone besides an on-site stage tech, who can help you create your magic.Need to
leave your set on-stage overnight? No problem. Our studio is fully equipped with alarms, security
cameras, and is completely locked down.
When bringing in an incredible team with confidential pre-production vehicles, or elite talent, we know you
need the best experience possible. We specialize in helping you do just that.
• Houses a 36’ x 48’ paintable seamless 3-wall-cyc infinity curve
• Accommodates 3D LED screens (no charge to bring your own)
• Spacious office suite with enclosed conference room
• Secure entrances and well-established procedures for high-security productions
• Wifi and ample power
• Roll up loading door with ramp
• Ground level loading doors
• Optional air conditioning
• Very spacious front and rear parking
• Available electronic flush turn-table
• Available car lift
• Kirby Studios-affiliated car prep and transport services
• On-site lighting and grip and electric rentals
• Optional vehicle storage warehouse, adjacent to stage (holds approximately 15 vehicles)
Curious? Give us a call for more information, hassle-free estimates, or stage specifications.

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