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Montclair, New Jersey

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Dola Media produces high level content for networks, brands and for editorial purposes. Our crews, writers and award-winning directors are located around the country. Our work includes commercials, innovative branded content and even internal HR Content that requires style and creativity. We are vertically agnostic but have a penchant for healthcare, food, travel and lifestyle and we take editorial and shareable content to the next level.

In production you will ALWAYS get what you pay for, but we love to come through and make our clients happy regardless of the budget. Our team is founded by an ace Showrunner with a ton of, in the trench experience, and a seasoned advertising creative and business executive. So bring us your "impossible" from large scale to small (ish), because we always come through (and tell you honestly if we can't).

We have been in the industry since 2018.

Dola Media Reel
Added on 8/16/2022
Dola Media Reel

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