Jimmy Moliere

Temple City, California


About Me

Jimmy is based in Pasadena California and owns a production and podcast studio in Temple City California 8 years of experience as a Director and DP with experience in commercial, broadcast, and documentary production in over a dozen countries, 5 Long years of Podcast showrunner and Livestream for live event such as churches conferences, weddings workshops just to name a few.
He brings a strong cinematic shooting and lighting style to productions and is comfortable with large crews as well as smaller run-and-gun environments. He has significant experience using gimbals, sliders, dollies and drones to create more dynamic shots.
His team owns and operates the Sony FX9, FS7, Sony A7Siii and a mix of other cameras. He is fluent in RED, Sony, Canon and Blackmagic cinema cameras as well.

I have been in the industry since 2018.

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