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North Bay, Ontario

About Us

Your gateway to production success.
The Largest Film Studio in Northern Ontario 67,000 Sq ft of Soundstages and 36,000 Sq ft of Office Space.
From the very beginning, North Star Studios was designed with one key focus: to make it as easy as possible for film, television and other content producers to do what they do best…
create amazing content!
We’re dedicated to providing you with everything you need to assure production success.
We’re committed to giving you every facility and service you need to produce your content in a streamlined, efficient and timely manner, with as few complications or encumbrances as possible.
With that goal in mind, North Star Studios offers you so much more than studio space. We’ve put together a wide palette of services, physical administrative… and beyond.
These services are all available with us, in one place, omitting the hassle of sourcing and
administering them all individually. We’ll be able to tell you about and facilitate those options that are most advantageous for your particular project.
If your production needs it, North Star Studios can provide it.

We have been in the industry since 2022.

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