About Me

I am a storyteller, visionary, filmmaker and entrepreneur. I like to work collaboratively in an ever changing industry that allows me to bring unique and innovative ideas to life.

I have produced budgets of all sizes, from $30K up to a high-end cap at $2.5million. Freelancing in the San Diego market and being a partner at Cooper Interactive Group, has allowed me to learn and fulfill roles from producing, filming and editing.

I work with companies that have a story to share, a message to deliver or messaging challenges to overcome. I'm brought on many projects as Producer, Shooter, or Editor and currently a partner of Cooper Interactive where I manage a small team that specialize in visual storytelling from inception through the final delivery of our product.

My motto: Your first idea is the laziest.

I have been in the industry since 1998.

Alumni Celebration: Welcome Home
Added on 11/7/2022
Return to campus with this look back at UC San Diego – today and yesterday.

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