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Multi-format commercial & narrative cinematographer.
Experienced producer/director - wizard with budgets, logistics, crew, and local vendors.
Digital Camera Systems: Arri Alexa (Mini, LF, 35), Sony Venice, RED, and prosumer/ENG digital cinema cameras.
Motion Picture Cameras: 16 & 8mm : Arri SR3, Aaton XTR, Bolex, Super 8.


My filmmaking career began as a lighting technician, then a gaffer for some of Canada's most sought after cinematographers. As a cinematographer myself, I've shot a documentary series for Amazon Prime, PBS, and other networks. My work now has a focus on commercial work, primarily editorial or retail fashion. I continue, however to shoot music videos, narrative, and documentary projects. As a filmmaking educator I have a deep comprehension of camera technology, the science of optics, and the practical application within our art form.


As an experienced director & producer, I can offer remote productions the ability to hit the ground running by leveraging my relationships with local film supply vendors, crew, and locations. I'm very well versed in budgets and have a successful track record of assembling the right resources, maintaining a high level of quality, and brokering deals for the budget conscious.


My other skills come from my early years as a professional musician (bass player), and as a rock climbing guide. I'm well versed in both of those worlds and can offer insight and access that are often beyond what a producer can navigate without a specialized fixer. I'm comfortable with a great deal of physical suffering & stress and can equally handle long days in the mountains, long drives in a tour bus, or long days on set.


I love seeing people learn and grow - and have chosen to devote part of my time to education. I've been instructing cinematography (see CV), presenting at expositions and conferences, and creating popular filmmaking educational content online for more than 7 years. You can find some of my highly viewed YouTube tutorials and reviews here: https://www.youtube.com/@vistek


My work is graciously supported by FUJIFILM North America, SONY Canada, and NANLUX Americas.
I am an Associate Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers.


I am bilingual, with a DELF B2 certified level of french - which I gained while living abroad in France. I wouldn't say I'm perfectly fluent (working on it!), but I can work in a completely french environment. I can say a few things in Spanish at parties or Mexican restaurants.


I'm continually inspired by great fashion, documentary, and street photographers. My greatest source of influence in filmmaking comes from the films of Jean Luc Godard, François Truffaut, Ingmar Bergman, Alfred Hitchcock, Jacques Tati, Stanley Kubrick, and Andrei Tarkovsky.


I believe that a life well lived is the best source of creativity. The only way to make your harvests plentiful and sustainable is to rotate your crops. Playing music, rock climbing, and cycling all continue to feature prominently in my day-to-day life. I also receive a great deal of my artistic inspiration and joie de vivre from travelling, staring at great art in museums, deep philosophical conversations, breathing in forest and mountain air, showing my gratitude, and eating ice cream sandwiches.


Most importantly, I pride myself in bringing great value to productions with my experience, energy, and maturity. I work continually with a variety of clients and budget levels while staffing my crew with some of the best technicians in Toronto. I staff my crew with not only some of the best technicians in the city, but also work to make my sets equitable. I have a personal mandate to create opportunities for those who have traditionally been shut out of the "boys club." I am an LGBTQ+ advocate, pro-diversity, and lover of all humans and animals.

And if you haven't figured it out by now - I have a soupçonne of neurodivergency.

Thank you for reading ✌🏻
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I have been in the industry since 2011.

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I have worked with Dale for many years on numerous projects. From high end commercials to street level documentaries and music videos, he has an innate ability to adapt to each project. Extremely collaborative, and always bringing ideas to the table, Dale strives to elevate every project with stunning visuals and thoughtful camera work. In addition to this, he also creates a kind and welcoming on set atmosphere which makes every shoot a joy to be on.

Matthew Barnett
Director, Independent

Dale is an incredibly talented and experienced cinematographer. In addition to his impressive technical expertise, Dale is also a great collaborator. He has the ability to work well with directors, producers, and other members of the production team, and is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure the project is successful. I strongly encourage you to consider Dale for your project.

Maurece Roddy
Producer, Scratch Media

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