Threefold Film Group

Charleston, South Carolina


About Us

Threefold Film Group is a Film and Media Production Company. We provide:

1) In-Person, Hybrid, and Remote Livestreams and Broadcasts
2) Conference and Events Videography (Interviews and B-roll)
3) Commercial Video Production

Based in the Charleston, SC area we provide video production services with cameras, lighting, and audio.

I'm Rafael Burkett, owner of Threefold Film Group. I also work as a freelance videographer, dp, and camera operator.

1) Equipment Owned - Cameras, Lighting, Audio
2) Travel

We have been in the industry since 2021.

Remote Broadcast/Live Streaming Services
Added on 12/13/2022
A BTS Timelapse of a remote zoom call. Our client for this particular show rented our remote broadcast kit for their presenter. We handle the director's cuts and editing on the back in. Sent the client a full cut of the show and a promo sizzle reel.

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