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Glendale, California

About Me

DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) / DI Colorist on set

Bringing five years of expertise in Digital Intermediate Color Grading and Online, Max steps onto your set as a DIT, leveraging his extensive knowledge of workflow and post-production pipelines to guarantee secure digital cinema acquisition and on-set dailies creation. Max holds a master's degree in radio engineering and has much hands-on experience with the camera department on set. In between DIT gigs, Max runs his Color Grading boutique bay, conveniently situated a stone's throw from Hollywood, equipped with Davinci Resolve Advanced Panel, Sony X310 HDR-ready calibrated displays.

Services à la carte for up to 8 cameras

· Exposure and dynamic range check. Unified Arri Style False Color applied to any signal.
· Calibrated color critical monitoring. Eyes for your DP. Hardware scopes.
· On-set data backup security up to 140TB
· Simultaneous media offloading with checksums from up to 8 cameras
· Real-Time Live Grading from up to 8 cameras
· Camera matching and profiling
· Compensatory CDLs and LUTs creation for various diffusion filters used in cameras
· Camera and Scene metadata integration
· Scene referred grading and CDL generation
· Transcoding to various dailies flavors with locked CDLs
· Sync production sound for dailies
· Importing CDLs and shot metadata to Davinci Resolve
· Shot Library with frame-grab references and A/B
· Live capture of shot metadata
· Near zero latency Davinci Resolve live grading with Filmgrain, Halation, Diffusion, and Relighting capabilities.
· Clean Plates QC
· Deliveries for VFX shots
· Production and Data reports generation
· Camera control over independent secured Wi-Fi
· Iris pull / Iris fine control with Radio Hand Unit

Gear & Software

· 2*22'' Flanders Scientific OLED DM 220 Color Critical Production Monitors (Freshly calibrated by David Abrams)
· Innovative Apollo 40 DIT cart with dual monitor mount
· 13'' Hardware Scopes Small HD OLED Monitor
· Apple Studio (maxed out M2 Ultra 192Gigs of RAM and 8Tb internal storage) for Data Ingestion with Silverstack Lab, Transcoding, and Davinci Resolve Live grading
· Separate MacBook Pro M1 Max (64G of RAM and 4Tb of internal storage) for Silverstack Livegrade and Video Routing Control
· Tangent Ripple color control surface
· 24 port 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch
· Waves Stage Wi-Fi Router
· 4*FSI LUT boxes (8 independent real-time graded signals)
· AJA Kumo 16x16 video router
· AJA Kumo 32x32 video router
· 2*AJA BoxIO 4K (8 sdi capturing inputs in total)
· 2*16Tb Thunderblade SSD RAID enclosures
· 2*80TB Thunderbay RAID enclosures
· 2*Sandisk Pro Modular Card readers (up to 8 simultaneous Red media cards or a combination of various media cards)
· Teradek Bolt 650 4K and 2 receivers (one separate and another integrated to handheld Directors/Set Dec wireless 7'' Small HD monitor)
· Directors/Set Dec wireless 7'' Small HD monitor
· Small HD 7'' on-camera monitor
· StreamDeck XL
· 1 kW Power Redundancy Jackery Explorer Power Station
· Endless amount of SDI cables to every camera and monitor on set
· Ambience Digital Slate with jamming cables
· Every cable known to humanity
· Plethora of various handy image processing software and plugins (Davinci Resolve with VideoVillage Filmbox, VideoVillage Scatter, Dehancer, NeatVideo, TopazAI, RED CineX Pro, RedControl Pro, Pomfort Silverstack Lab, Pomfort Livegrade, ARRI Reference Tool, Lattice)
· Collection of LUTS for every possible camera


Max prioritizes smart, efficient work from pre-production to post, aligning workflows with creative and budgetary requirements to uphold the project's vision and quality standards.

Key Differentiators:

· Technical and Artistic Mastery: Max's expertise in both the technical nuances of digital imaging and the artistic aspects of color grading and delivery for various standards, including Rec709, Netflix Dolby Vision, Amazon HDR10, and theatrical mastering.

·Advanced On-Set Services: From dynamic range checks to on-set data backup and real-time playback, Max provides comprehensive support for critical decision-making processes, including mission-critical problem-solving.

·Seamless Post-Production Transition: Expert in post-production workflow, ensuring a smooth transition from acquisition to final delivery with an emphasis on color consistency and metadata accuracy.


Max's approach integrates discipline-specific expertise with innovative technology solutions, making him an invaluable asset to any digital cinema project. Contact for a tailored workflow consultation.

I have been in the industry since 2019.

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