Kathy Zuclich

St. Petersburg, Florida

About Me

Offering my stying services to local and non local photographers, directors and marketing corporations with the excitement and talent of finally discovering my true passion of Food Styling.

I will also gladly assist any local and non local stylists, as needed. I find value with working with creative people and love the opportunity to network and learn.

Clients include;
Tampa International Airport, Wing House, PDQ, Publix Supermarkets, Majestic Apparel, Glory Days, Carrabbas, Cox Seafood, Burger 21, Kelp Sushi, Winn Dixie, Vigo, Eurobake, SEG, Checkers, Eat Fresco...

Photographer Credits;
Kristen Hess, A. Pezzecaro, Mark Batson, PPK, Megan Klementowski, Grain & Glass, Michael St. Johns, Dave Spataro, Douglas Johns, Iain Bagwell, Ad Partners...

I have been in the industry since 2015.

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