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As a 1st AC and Head of Department the two most important things for a successful shoot are Preparation and Communication. Because I am able to do those 2 things effectively, I am able to focus on what you want me to do, pull focus. I have worked on a assortment of projects ranging from short 2-3 day commercials to multi-month long Features. I have experience with all of the most popular cinema cameras like the Alexa Mini, Mini LF, RED Komodo, RED Gemini, Sony Fx6, Sony Venice, and have worked with a lot of Popular lens like the K35s, Ultra Primes, Supreme Primes, the Angenieux EZ set and many more. So what ever combination of gear in whatever configuration whether we are doing Car to Car, Steadicam, Handheld, Dolly, or Jib, I am your guy to build the camera and manage a camera department in the most efficient way to save you valuable time on set. Which translates to you saving money and time. Because of my experience you will NEVER be waiting on my team and you will NEVER have to question if the shot was sharp.

I have been in the industry since 2019.

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A Cam 1st AC – Gothic Slayers

October, 2022 — January, 2023
Feature – Careful Icarus

1st AC – The Unhitch King

March, 2021 — March, 2021
Feature – Marmera Productions

Work with Warren Mcelroy

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