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www.alexkirbymotorsports.com –– ALEX KIRBY is a versatile, professional driver, possessing
over 10 years of experience with a combination of commercial stunt and precision driving, as
well as competitive race car driving.

Alex Kirby specializes in commercial performances driving a diverse range of cars or trucks, including full size semi-trucks.
Unique to his experience, at the young age of 29, Alex already has over 20 projects under his belt, including International and
National commercials, streaming TV shows, live events, and product videos. Likewise, his
experience in the film production industry brings added value to hiring Alex for your filming

When you are ready to inject extra youth, mechanical knowledge, and unique driving skill into
your film set, email akirby1234@gmail.com or call 949-922-9779.

• Team Player - Stays on Schedule, Willing to Assist, Punctual, Pro-Active Pre-Prep
Involvement, Accustomed to Working with All Crew Members, Problem Solver
• Driver Experiences: TV Shows, Broadcast/Print Advertising Commercials, Ride-and-Drives,
Car-to-Car Product Video, Live Events, Festivals, Product Reveals
• SAG-AFTA Member/Commercial Stunt and Precision Driving (since 2012)
• CDL Licensed Class A Driver: Full-Size Semi-Truck Operations
• Low- and High-Speed-Driving, Drifting, Burnouts, Sliding on Low-Grip Terrain
• Professional, Competitive Racing: Winner of the 2022 Formula Pro USA Winter Series
Championship, Formula Open-Wheel, Ford 1600, Formula 2000, Formula 3, Porsche GT3;
Drifting Nissan 350z, School Instructor Skip Barber Racing, Dirtfish Rally School Attendee
• Over Ten Years in Automotive Location/Studio Film Production: Car Prep and Transport, Studio
• Current Travel Requirements/Domestic and International

I have been in the industry since 2011.

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