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About Us

Cinematic's studios are world class studio for production, post production, and full service production services. Cinematic's sound studio, located just blocks from the beach and Amtrak's Train Station in Oceanside, California! Cinematic's professional film and television studios feature an array of facilities key each industry; film industry, photography, publishing, creative agencies multimedia and the gaming industry.

"O'side" are film-friendly, centered between Los Angeles and San Diego with a growing industry of unique, talented professionals. North County San Diego's eclectic and progressive community and culture are filled with artists, athletes, musicians, actors, creative agencies are in and around Carlsbad, Vista, Encinitas, Escondido where "O'town" are a unique portal into these amazing towns! Each one known for something uniquely different to the artist, agency, publisher.

With history and culture, blessed are San Diego East and North County through Indigenous Peoples and the Tribal Nations of Luiseno, Cahuilla, Cupeno, Kumeyaay, and Northern Diegueño Kumeyaay Indian Reservation of Escondido.

Carlsbad's Legoland and amazing Flower Fields & Festival, Downtown to Encinitas' SRF Gardens, Sony Pictures, Publishing Houses, Gaming Industry, Music and Audio, Space Engineering.

Oceanside's diverse and eclectic community support the arts, gaming, commercial photography and film industry like no other town in the USA. The Oceanside Film Festival, Oceanside Museum of Art (OMA), California Surf Museum, Mission San Luis Rey, Harbor Days, Sunset Farmer's Market as well as the Five Star Restaurants and Hotels, Breweries, Live Music, Yoga, Health, Fitness give the ultimate oceanic experience!

If you're filming commercials, television shows, or shooting product photography to even workout videos and much much more! Cinematic's Sound Stage, sound tracking an Orchestra, Church Choir, Reggae, Blues and Jazz Bands alike! Cinematic's Sound Stage also has been utilized by NBC's The Profit, MasterClass, VH-1, USC Shoa Foundation to production of live recorded & dubbed music videos and live records. Studios ideal for productions filming MOCAP, Unreal Engine, VFX, Flat-Lay, Sync Sound Recording, Commercials, Music Videos, Documentaries, Television Episodic, Photo Shoot.

With a fully soundproof stage, client dolby theater, foley room, 4 audio recording studios, 2 production offices, 8 production work spaces, conference rooms, client lounge, classroom, airstream star trailer, green room and an outdoor client lounge!


Our 5000 sqft creative hub also houses Old School Cameras, San Diego's only high end camera house and prep floor, which provides rentals for high-end cameras and rare lenses to capture your next project.

We offer daily and weekly rentals for our sound stage, recording studios, screening room, and classroom. (photo studio, film stage, recording studio)

Cinematic studios' dimmable lighting give each client individual control through the "Alexa app" for a personalized experience!

All-natural light fill the studio's reception area, lobby, classroom, conference room, work stations, meeting room, admin offices, kitchen and Airstream Star Trailer. Vast windows open to each production work space and office with the perfect amount of light. All the studio lighting are upgraded daylight-led dimmable & programable fixtures with colored RGB-LED in recording studios, theater, water fountain and reception.

Enjoy the sounds of the ocean, feel the breeze while natural light fill the shaded lunch area. Utilize tented canopy area also for your talent holding, craft service, catering, covid testing zone. Outside also is our Star Trailer Airstream also with a vast open-air filled with windows and natural lighting.

Cinematic studio's are 100% soundproof for industry professional audio recording, film, television, multimedia, broadcast and feature film production.

Cinematic studio's entire building's walls, ceilings and flooring were professionally engineered and designed for soundproof acoustics with anti-vibration. The lifted floors, dampened ceilings for audio-air control hearing nothing outside or room to room. Privacy even from a Train track less than 200 feet from the building and are completely un-felt nor its vibration. Each steel door are studio pro-audio grade double doors and concrete walls studio soundproof windows. Concrete slabs, room to room were separated for anti-vibration.

Southern California's best sound studio south of Los Angeles!!!!
Acoustic Treated Air Ducts for Silent Climate Control! Programed soundproof climate control through Cinematic Studio's "Alexa app" give each client the experience they want!

Cinematic's unique experience of professional sound studios and production facilities to commercial ad agencies, independent and commercial production companies, filmmakers, artists, photographers and even gamers!,... like the famous Dr. Disrespect! :)

Cinematic provided voiceover, mix, mastering, sound design, audio books and other post production audio/ video for clients such as, Sun Bum, Hay House, Hachette Audio, Masterclass, Ralph Lauren, Amazon, Ebay, GT Bikes, Visa, Taylor Made and many more.

Our soundproof film studios also provide the ideal fit for top industry pro filmmaker's needs featuring a 20 seat soundproof dolby thx client theater with line-of-site on-looking the stage. This hybrid design of Client Theater/ Stage gives the ideal communications for crew / talent / client! NBC's The Profit, USC Shoah Foundation, Hershey's, JP Morgan Chase Bank, VH-1 each utilized this for its successful production.

Today's film industry, gaming industry, photo fashion photographers, product photography table top, even now special effects utilization with NIKE, USC's Shoah Foundation among others. With just the right space!

CAS' Sound Stage with Client Dolby Theater proved it's effectiveness for the in-camera Ai and FX testing for the commercial series of ESPN/ MLB's commercials featuring Derek Jeter "The Captain." Again, for Amazon's holiday series "Stuff!" as well as "A to Z" w/ director/ creator of Portlandia "Jonathan Krisel. And most recently, the special FX film shoot with NIKE with @oldschoolcameras 4k Sony/ Blackmagic Camera packages... and vintage broadcast "time machines"

CAS' clients also include Famous Footware, Gore-tex, Samsung, HGTV, Bluemoon, Burton, SDSU, SHSU, Chapman University, AFI, John Paul the Great.

With Oceanside's local talented film crews, five star hotels, music venues, brewery's, catering, ocean-views with steps to the Oceanside Train Station - Amtrak travels talent from Los Angeles, Orange County even San Fransisco, Riverside to San Diego, even to Mexico! Professional athletes, science and technologies engineering, medical, musicians, military, artists are coming here to Oceanside for it's eclectic, diverse culture

Ongoing work with amazing superhero athletes like, Sky Brown, Tony Hawk, Riley Hawk, Rob Machado and recently, Danny Way's genuine collaboration with Taylor Steel for the Andy Irons tribute video featuring Spray Allen's track "Rainbow Country." We also really enjoyed also working directly with Tommy DeSoto for Steele Pulse's video "RIZE"

CAS workshops and educational video series produced for the San Diego Music Foundation featuring, artist Pourtash, producer Noteventanner and engineer Steve Strait showing, "The Life of an Music Engineer." Other workshops with RED Digital Reducation, Panasonic, Blackmagic - DigiDesign and soon many more!

Live concert film production series produced filmed with @oldschoolcameras at The Belly Up Tavern with artists Ben Harper, Jupiter & Okwess, Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, Donovan Frankenreiter. Events and Awareness Workshops @ Bellyup Songs for SONGS. San Diego Live with Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real and Live film production at The Shrine in Los Angeles for the LA Clippers.

From artists Scrojo, Bokasmo to the live immersive workshop with Daniel Johnston "Hi How Are You Foundation" Ron Blair and Micah Nelson, Shane Hall, The Jankey's, Steele Pulse, Gabriela Cohen, Full Flower Moon Band. Recently recorded full album, Angelnumber 8 - produced by Daniel Lonner right here @ CAS!

We have been in the industry since 2017.


Production Services in-house, Cinematography, Gaffing, VFX, Remote Client Connect, Shot Old School Camera's w/ Blackmagic 6k Pocket Cams – NIKE "Deep Fake" THE MILL

October, 2022 — October, 2022
Commercial – NIKE / The MILL

Camera Testing & Rental all-in-house, remote pre-pro w/ director of Portlandia - Jonathan Krisel on Sound Stage, International MX, Filmed on Old School Camera's Vintage Broadcast Cameras – AMAZON "Stuff"

July, 2022 — July, 2022
Commercial – AMAZON

Camera Rental Multi-formats from S8, S16, Hi8, VHS, Digital Cinema S35, Tube Broadcast, CCD Testing, R&D Prep and Consultation - Camera Rental, Post Production services – MLB "The Captain" starring Derek Jeter

June, 2022 — June, 2022
Commercial – MLB, ESPN

Full Production In-house, Remote Client, Direction, Cinematography on Sound Stage – Sky Brown

June, 2022 — June, 2022
Commercial – Whisper TV

Full Production in-house, Pre-Pro, Production to Post / Directing, Editing, Color, VFX, Cinematography – Tony Hawk "Adjusting in the Air"

December, 2021 — February, 2022
Corporate – Nymbus

VO/ Voiceover Audio – Masterclass "Tony Hawk"

June, 2021 — June, 2021
Commercial – MasterClass

VO / Voiceover Audio – VISA "Olympics" starring SKY BROWN

April, 2021 — April, 2021
Commercial – HEARD CITY

Co-Production, Remote Client Direction, In-house Camera and Crew from Pre-pro, Pre-light, Sound Stage Production w/ Old School Cameras Sony A7sII & FS7 Cameras – "Crimes to Riches"

February, 2021 — June, 2021
Television – VH-1

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