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New York, New York

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I am a passionate costume and production designer with a keen eye for detail and a love for creativity. I have always been fascinated by the power of costumes to transform a character and bring a story to life. Throughout my career, I have worked on various projects, including music videos, photoshoots and films. Each project has been a unique challenge, but I have always enjoyed the process of researching, sketching, and creating the perfect costumes to bring the characters to life with the belief that costumes are an essential element of storytelling. I love sourcing and buying art to create a new space to tell a story. I always strive to create designs that look great, enhance the narrative, and help the actors get into character.


production designer – card sound road
November, 2023 — November, 2023
Short Film –
Production designer – Anything goes
June, 2023 — July, 2023
Music Video – Emilymassey
Production designer – Anything helps
June, 2023 — July, 2023
Short Film – Aya bogard
production designer – blades of grass
June, 2023 — July, 2023
Feature –
Production designer – Polly
June, 2023 — June, 2023
Short Film – Mateo obergador
Production designer – New gold
June, 2023 — June, 2023
Music Video – Margot piorkowski
Costume designer – Blood on canvas
April, 2023 — May, 2023
Short Film – eammon Wrightstone
Costume designer – The contest
March, 2023 — April, 2023
Short Film – Sonja Rose

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