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New York, New York

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As a New York based Videographer and Photographer for corporate work, I am frequently brought in to solve two requests:
1) Owner-operator with camera/lighting/audio kit for video recaps/ Corporate Interviews
2) Photographer who can keep up with the speed while telling the story of the shoot.

To discuss your project, please inquire via email.

Humberto Ona, III is a highly skilled videographer and published photographer with a keen eye for visual storytelling. With over 14 years of experience in the video industry, Humberto has worked with Samsung, City University of New York (CUNY), The Plaza Hotel, MG Magazine, and SiriusXM, helping them bring their vision to life through video. Additionally, his work has been featured on several magazine covers, giving him a unique advantage in video production and a deep understanding of what makes a striking visual.

Humberto's videos have garnered millions of views on YouTube for his clients, showcasing his ability to create engaging, shareable content that resonates with viewers. His videos have also been featured on ABC, reaching an even wider audience and solidifying his reputation as a top video producer in the industry.

Humberto's extensive knowledge of music production, gained during his time as an audio engineer, allows him to use sound design and music to create a powerful emotional response in his videos. He understands the importance of using music and sound effects to enhance the visual elements of a video and create a cohesive and impactful final product.

In 2009, Humberto began with music videos, where he honed his skills in editing, tempo, and color grading to create visually stunning and engaging content. He then transitioned into corporate video work, where he learned how to use his skills to generate revenue for his clients. His ability to combine creative vision with business acumen has made him a sought-after video producer in the industry.

At H Billi Media, Humberto is committed to delivering exceptional service to his clients and creating videos that exceed their expectations. His collaborative approach and attention to detail ensure that each project is tailored to the client's unique needs and goals.

Whether you're looking to create a promotional video, a corporate training video, or any other type of video content, Humberto's expertise in video production and music production allows him to create compelling, visually stunning, and emotionally resonant content that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

I have been in the industry since 2009.

Photo Galleries


Director of Photography/Editor – Wickens Ranch Delivery Commercial
September, 2022 — September, 2022
Online – Wickens Ranch
Director of Photography/Editor – Compost About Us
June, 2022 — June, 2022
Online – YES Compost
Videographer – Big Brothers Big Sisters Gala
April, 2022 — April, 2022
Live Event – Big Brothers Big Sisters Big sky
Videographer – The Plaza Hotel Gala
November, 2021 — November, 2021
Live Event – Futures and Options
Director of Photography/Editor – Project Morry Virtual Discussion
October, 2021 — October, 2021
Online – Project Morry
Videographer – ImpacTech 19
November, 2019 — November, 2019
Live Event – Salesforce


I highly recommend working with Humberto on your next project. He is not only incredibly talented he is also easy to communicate with, putting talent at ease. I plan to work with Humberto again in the future.

Jack Fox
Producer, Small Army Entertainment

You should definitely consider HBilli Media for your apparel brand's photo and video shoots.

They captured the true essence and style of our brand; while their creativity and attention to detail in photos and videos resulted in breathtaking visuals that beautifully conveyed our story.

HBilli Media's friendly and collaborative approach, made for a stress-free and enjoyable experience. They surpassed our expectations and deliver exceptional results. Thank you!

Jozie Chong

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