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Boutique production company capable of handling any project concept though completion, development, pre-production, production, writing, scripting, cinematography, video production, drone videos, editing, sound design, motion graphics, compositing, color grading, encoding, finishing for all media platforms. We Imagine, We Create, We Deliver.

Bee Rescue 911 - Sizzle Reel
Added on 9/28/2023
ABOUT THE SHOW "BEE RESCUE 911" dives deep into the world of urban beekeeping, unveiling the buzzing reality of the Bay Area. At the heart of it all is Sung Lee, The Bee Charmer. While successfully managing his dry cleaning businesses, Sung Lee has been thrust into the limelight with over 100 million TikTok views, championing the cause of bees. As vice president of the local beekeeping association and a master bee keeper, Sung Lee doesn't just rescue swarms; he educates, inspires, and leads a community movement. This non-fiction reality series blends the urgency of on-call bee rescues with the warmth of community engagement, revealing the challenges and wonders of the beekeeping world.


Production Company – Electro Shock

July, 2022 — August, 2022
Music Video – Shauny B Fresh

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