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I am a storyteller, and yet I am fully aware of the practical and logistical needs of a business and its clients. One of my strengths is helping to “find the story” and then creating a vivid and compelling video efficiently and succinctly.

As a producer/director/cameraman, I am responsible for transforming the client's vision and ensuring that the project is executed within the set timeline and budget.

I have been producing, directing, and shooting locally and abroad for over thirty years.
Commercials, corporate projects, sales promotional presentations, documentaries, and broadcast specials.

I have worked with various organizations and corporations, including Google, Apple, Meta, Wells Fargo, Visa International, Standard Oil, PBS, IBM, Levi's, TEDxMarin, and National Geographic to name a few.

Apart from my work, I am a member of the Film Arts Foundation, North Bay Multimedia Association, Mill Valley Film Festival, and Bay Area Video Coalition.

Thank you for your time and consideration,
Richard Jett

We have been in the industry since 1995.

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