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Looking for a top Miami Camera Crew? Call us: 1-800-397-8461 ☎ to talk with one of our producers to benefit from our years of experience filming interviews, testimonials, talking heads, portable green screens, small crew commercials, corporate meetings and event video production services for your projects in Greater Miami and Miami Beach

We have a grip van and personal vehicles to get wherever you need it.
Multi-location shoot? Off grid project? Multi-state project? Easy.

Clients you may have heard of like: Best Buy, Target, US Bank, CH Robinson, Mortenson, Microsoft, CBS, NBC, ABC, Boston Scientific.
Clean energy sector clients like: Goldwind, 3s Lift
Cruise lines (we can't name them, but you've surely heard of them).

My crew is ready for your project.

Best way is to call, send an email, or fill out the form on the website.

Schedule a video consult to get a quick and hassle free quote.
Call 1-800-397-8461

Specialty gear to get that smooth b-roll:
- 3 axis gimbal
- Full body steadicam with vest and arm
- Segway
- Camera sliders
- Jib/Crane
- Drone
- Cinema Camera Kits
- Full lighting kits

Give a call and we'll get you a free, no hassle estimate.

Available for projects in: Miami, Orlando, Chicago and Minneapolis
We also have a growing network of freelancers nationwide for travel projects.

☎ Call 1-800-397-8461
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We have been in the industry since 2012.

Small Business Commercial - Only 1 Autoglass
Added on 11/6/2013
Small Business Commercial - Only 1 Autoglass

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